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Method 2.  VERIFY/ CHECK IELTS Results                                through ONLINE SITE 


Candidates may check their Provisional IELTS Results by clicking here.

The system will not display results for more than 28 days after your test date. 

The online preview cannot be used as official confirmation of your IELTS result.


To find your provisional IELTS result, Candidate should complete all fields in the form and press Search.


Step 1. Make sure you type the correct details the same as ID document used in registering the IELTS test.    


Step 2.  Select the correct Test Date. 

Step 3.  Press Search. 





Method 1.  Collect Your TRF at Score Testing Center 


The Test Result Form (TRF) is published 14 days after the Test Date. You can collect your TRF at the Score Testing Center. You need to bring your ID - (Emirates ID and/or Passport) to collect your TRF.


If you wish to authorize someone to collect your TRF you need to send a letter of authorization, copy of your passport/ emirates ID and the person collecting must present an original photo id and a copy of the same for our records.


Score will not accept incomplete authorization documents.


Additional copy or copies requested after one month from the result date will be free of charge (5 copies) and a courier fee of AED 60 - 200- for each recipient on local and international delivery.


The Test Result Forms are valid for two years from the Test Date.


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