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Improving Your Writing

When preparing for IELTS always Think Smarter! If you are not able to use your writing skills regularly at work or school, your skills will get rusty. As with any skill, you have to use it to keep it working properly. There are four basic options for improving your writing:

First: Join an IELTS Test Preparation class at Score Testing Center, where an IELTS expert will give you focused advice and support to improve your writing. This is a great way to improve your Writing skills. Visit our website at, or call us at 06 545 4644 for more information about our courses.

Second: Book your IELTS test with us and then sign up for Writing Assist through our website. With Writing Assist you submit writing samples and then receive feedback from an IELTS Examiner on how to improve your Writing.

Third: Work on your own by investing in a really good test preparation book, such as the Cambridge University Press "Official IELTS Practice Materials 2", and follow their advice.

And fourth: All of the above! Book your test with us, take a test preparation class with us, take advantage of our Writing Assist service, AND do some work on your own!

The best way to get better at your Writing is ... work on your Writing! The more you do, the more you will improve and the better prepared you will be on the day of your IELTS Test.

When you take IELTS always Think Smarter!, and work with professionals like Score Testing Center and IDP to help you improve.

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