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Prometric is a full-service testing provider with decades of experience in every facet of testing. We are just as comfortable facilitating a small piece of your test program as we are taking the entire thing and making it happen for you. Our offerings can be either off the shelf or a la carte and we'll work with you to determine the most appropriate path to your testing goals.


Prometric's holistic approach to testing incorporates three core capabilities:


1. Test development services

The construction, design and development of testing programs that are relevant, psychometrically sound and legally defensible.

  • Job Analysis

  • Item Development

  • Test Design & Construction

  • Psychometric Analysis


2. Test delivery services


The efficiently operated global network that ensures proper presentation, user-friendly navigation, efficient scheduling, the highest levels of security and integrity, and fast, accurate results reporting.

  • Test Publishing

  • Test Administration

  • Scheduling and Registration

  • Biometric-enabled check-in

  • System Management

  • Results Processing


3. Data management services


The data management capabilities that put secure, customized testing results and data in your hands, giving you powerful informational tools to make the most informed decisions possible.

  • Data Reporting

  • Data Integration

  • Data Storage

  • Data Administration



For state and national regulatory agencies and certification boards, we are the leading provider of:

  • Continuing education services that offer round-the-clock and convenient records management and administrative services. Producers can find approved courses; providers can enter class rosters, update course lists, and more.

  • License processing services that take administrative hassles off our clients' hands. We can provide initial certification application screening to determine testing eligibility and/or full application screening. And all applications will be screened using your pre-determined criteria. Other license processing services include fingerprinting and photo licenses.

  • Voucher services eliminate administrative tasks and deliver cost savings. These prepaid certificates enable Testing Center partners, corporations, schools and government organizations to save money and maximize efficiencies by streamlining the testing process.


Every facet of our service offerings is managed by our highly qualified psychometricians (experts in the theory and technique of educational and psychological measurement). We audit each testing program to validate its purpose, fairness, reliability and validity.

The result is comprehensive solutions and operational efficiencies that simply cannot be achieved with vendors who don't offer Prometric's full scope of services.

Sharjah IELTS
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