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IELTS Sharjah


Candidates Registration Procedures




Walk In Application


You can apply in person at Score IELTS Testing Center. Our office hours are 9:00 am - 9:00pm, Sunday to Thursday. 9:00am - 2:00pm Saturday.

To complete the application you must bring:

  • Valid ID (Passport/Emirates ID)



IELTS Test Day:

  • 8.15am - 8:30am Registration

  • 9.00am Exam starts (There will be no admittance after the exam has started)

What to bring on the Test Day:

  • Original ID submitted with your application - you will NOT be able to sit the exam if you do not bring the original ID - photocopies are NOT accepted nor is any other form of ID

  • You do not need to bring any writing materials. This will be provided in the test rooms.


Test Result Form (TRF):


The Test Result Form (TRF) is published 14 days after the Test Date. You can collect your TRF at the Score Testing Center. You need to bring your ID to collect your TRF.

If you wish to authorize someone to collect your TRF you need to send a letter of authorization, copy of your passport and the person collecting must present an original photo id and a copy of the same for our records.


Additional copies or copies requested after one month from the result date will be free of charge (5 copies) and a courier fee of AED100 - 250- for each recipient on local and international delivery.


The Test Result Forms are valid for two years from the Test Date.



Repeating the Test


You may repeat the IELTS test at any time. The 90 days test repeater policy has been cancelled.



IELTS Cancellation or Transfer Policy


To cancel your test or transfer to another test date you must complete the Request for Refund of Test Date Transfer Form and submit to the IELTS Registration at least 5 weeks prior to the test date for which you have booked. Please refer to the Last Day for Refunds/Transfers column for each test day above.


When requests for cancellations or transfers are received in accordance with the IELTS Refund and Transfer Policy, fees will be either refunded or transferred to the next available test date. A 25% administrative fee will apply.


When requests to cancel or transfer are not received 5 weeks prior to the test date and do not comply with the four conditions referred to in the IELTS Refund and Transfer Policy, you will be charged the full fee.







It is important that all candidates are familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding the IELTS test. 


You must:


• Provide proof of your identity using a valid passport or National ID card in the morning at registration and prior to your Speaking Exam. Your passport and National ID must contain a passport number, a signature, a date of birth and a photograph.

• Only have on your desk your identification, pencil/pen (provided by the Exam Centre), an eraser (provided by the test centre), and your passport or National ID card.

• Ensure cell phone, pagers and any other electronic device is switched off and placed with personal belongings outside the room (or preferably left at home or in your car). Any candidate who does not switch off their phone/pager, or who retains one in their possession will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave the test

• Notify the Invigilator or Test Supervisor immediately if test day conditions in any way impede your performance


You must NOT:


• Impersonate another person or have another person impersonate you

• Attempt to cheat, copy the work of another candidate or disrupt the test

• Use, or attempt to use, a dictionary, pager, spell-checker, electronic recorder or cell phone for the duration of the test. Any candidate doing so will be disqualified and asked to leave

• Talk to or disturb other candidates once the examination has started

• Smoke or eat in the examination room

• Reproduce any part of the test in any format/medium. Any candidate doing so will have their test results disqualified and be liable to prosecution.

• Remove any materials used during the examination. This includes, but is not limited to, examination papers, speaking task cards, answer papers or working papers.

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